How do we stay focused on our priorities, but respond to changes as they emerge?

1. Solve the right problem

One of the greatest risks in any organisation is spending precious time and money solving the wrong problems. We need to find, frame and solve the problems which really matter to Queensland citizens and businesses. This means analysing what we do, broadening our perspective and encouraging diverse points of view.

2. Digital by default

We all expect digital technology to make our lives easier which is why government should be digital by default.

We need to make the most of the data we hold and think creatively about how services can be delivered online with the greatest simplicity, ease and control.

3. Create unified digital experiences

We want digital services across our transportation, health, education, laws and science infrastructures to deliver seamless, joined-up and personalised user experiences.

If we do this right, government will come to function less like a set of departmental silos and more like a coherent web platform.

4. Prefer open over closed

Sharing information and knowledge within set data and privacy standards creates trust. This in turn enables cooperation and good decision making.

By making every piece of data count we can also learn as a community, avoid repeating failures and gain greater insights when designing services for Queenslanders.

5. Make it secure by design

Data security is complex. Customers want their data to be secure, but they also want a quick, seamless, personalised experience.

We need nimble technology and policy thinking to help securely share customer data across the walls of government while acknowledging the role everyone—including customers—has in managing this information.

6. Harness skills and experience – from inside and out

We need to build a culture of innovation which gives our workforce permission to try new things.

We can do this by learning from the past and identifying diverse, innovative, creative thinkers hidden across government and other organisations who can solve new problems.

7. Leave no-one behind

We don’t want to leave anyone behind when government drives forward with DIGITAL1ST.

All digital government initiatives should consider accessibility and digital inclusion.

With the support of all tiers of government we should create connectivity and infrastructure which allows all Queenslanders to participate in our digitally-enabled culture, society and economy.

8. Experiment, learn and improve

We will design our solutions incrementally to help develop our understanding of a problem and test hypotheses.

If we allow enough time for this process to take place, and involve customers or subject matter experts throughout the process, we can deliver breakthrough DIGITAL1ST services for our state.