Where should we focus our efforts?


People are at the heart of our strategy. We need to empower Queenslanders to grow, change and participate in our shared digital future. This includes those who develop and deliver Queensland Government services. We will build capability so that together, we can deliver and benefit from a truly digital government.


We can’t do this alone. Government needs to continue working in partnership with communities, industry, research based organisations, academia and our own departments and agencies. We are willing to rethink everything, from informal practices to formal legislation and regulation, to create a new level playing field where everyone can contribute.


Queensland is a diverse state. We need to plan how we will build better connections and digital infrastructure for all our communities. This means we need to work with all tiers of government and industry to establish the best connection solutions for Queenslanders.


Queenslanders need to be able to trust their government. Without trust, we can’t build the partnerships we need or take the risks required to make the most of the future. We will continue to cultivate public and organisational trust as a digital government by embracing security, reliability, empathy and authenticity.