A government that puts people at the heart of its digital services.

What does that mean?

We believe Queensland can and should be a leader in digital government.

To achieve this vision, we need to think beyond technology; we need to focus on people first.

By doing this, we can create personalised services which benefit our citizens, build vibrant communities and support a thriving economy.

We don’t have all the answers

We all experience technological and social change on a daily basis. It can be hard to keep up. We recognise we don’t have all the answers. Nobody does. But acknowledging the fact helps us to define a realistic strategy that will advance our goal of being a leading digital state.

We need to work together

We need to work collaboratively to build a DIGITAL1ST government.

By drawing on the knowledge, experience, insights and creativity of colleagues, citizens, suppliers and peers we can deliver digital success.

This collaborative approach creates a shared sense of trust and respect between communities and transforms our vision into reality.

How will DIGITAL1ST advance your future?

For citizens, this means you will have services that are easier to use and we are making our services seamless across government areas such as transport, health and education.

For industry, we will make it easier to do business in Queensland so you can concentrate more on your business and less on red tape.

For government employees, you will have opportunities to use new technology and work together to decide on the right initiatives to support that offer better services to the community.

Making our vision a reality

DIGITAL1ST gives everyone a shared sense of our goals and direction.

In the face of fast-paced, emerging digital technologies and change, DIGITAL1ST is a tool to help our diverse government and workforce proceed with a common purpose.